Chalcedony Pendant

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Sterling Silver
Semi-precious Stone

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Chalcedony is a microcrystalline variety of quartz, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite
It comes in a variety of colours and is known for its smooth, waxy lustre and translucency
The range of colours include white, grey, blue, purple, pink, brown, green etc…
The colour variations are often due to the presence of trace elements or inclusions

Chalcedony is typically translucent, allowing light to pass through the stone
This quality gives it a soft and gentle appearance, especially when polished

These stones are found worldwide and is a common component of many types of rocks, particularly sedimentary rocks
Notable deposits exist in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, and the United States

There are several well-known varieties of Chalcedony, each with its own unique colour or characteristics
These include Agate (Banded Chalcedony), Carnelian (orange to reddish-brown Chalcedony), Onyx (black and white banded Chalcedony), and more

Chalcedony is often associated with qualities of calmness, balance, and communication
It is believed to promote feelings of harmony, alleviate stress, and enhance one’s ability to express thoughts and emotions
Blue Chalcedony is linked to the throat chakra and communication

Throughout history, chalcedony has been considered a stone of protection, good luck, and harmony
It has been used in jewellery, amulets, and talismans for these purposes

This pendant features a beautiful Blue Chalcedony that is set in a delicate sterling silver frame
The design is fine and understated not to overshadow the beautiful colour of the gem that adorns it

Total Height 21mm
Width 18mm

*Colour might vary slightly from pendant to pendant

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