Evil Eye Set

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Sterling Silver

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This sterling silver round pendant is in the design of an evil eye made from blue and white resin
An evil eye pendant is a talisman or amulet designed in the form of an eye that originates from various cultures and is believed to provide protection against the “evil eye,” a malevolent glare that is thought to cause harm, bad luck, or misfortune
The evil eye pendant is primarily worn as a protective symbol and the concept of the evil eye as a and protective talismans has roots in many cultures across the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia
Different cultures have their variations of the evil eye symbol, often representing a potent defense against negative influences
While some you might subscribe to the traditional beliefs associated with the evil eye pendant, you could just wear it as a fashion statement or because of the beautiful blues and whites in the design
The pendant is accompanied by a chain
Adjustable Chain 45cm – 41cm
The width of the Chain is 1mm
Total Height 13mm
Width 11mm

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm