Flat Freshwater Pearl Set

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Sterling Silver

Freshwater Pearl

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How exquisite is this flat freshwater pearl set!

Freshwater pearls are treasures of the aquatic world, formed within the soft tissue of freshwater mussels

Freshwater pearls exhibit a remarkable array of shapes, sizes, and colours
While they commonly possess a classic round shape, they can also be found in unique shapes like button, oval, baroque, or even irregular
Their sizes vary from tiny seed pearls to larger, more substantial gems
One of the distinctive features of freshwater pearls is their lustre, the glow that emanates from within the pearl
While freshwater pearls may not possess the same level of lustre as their saltwater counterparts like Akoya or South Sea pearls, they often exhibit a subtle, iridescent sheen

This specific flat freshwater pearl set dangles includes a sturdy sterling silver thin curb chain making the pearl the focal point of this jewellery piece

Dress it up or down as pearls are forever jewellery that you can love and adore for a lifetime

Total size of the pearl (including bail) 20mm
Length of the chain 45cm

*Please note that freshwater pearls never look alike so the item you receive might have slight variations

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Weight 1 g
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