Garnet Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Semi-Precious Stone

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Introducing our Garnet stone pendant set in sterling silver

This stone is faceted which assist in making the colour of the gem come alive and sparkle
While red is the most well-known colour of garnet, it can occur in a range of colours, including green, orange, yellow, brown, and even rare blue hues
The colour variation is due to differences in chemical composition

This specific variety of Garnet is called Pyrope
This is the most common variety and is usually deep red to brownish-red in colour and has a rich, warm appearance

This gemstone is known to be the birthstone for the month of January

In metaphysical and spiritual practices, the association of gemstones with specific chakras is often based on the colour and energy properties of the stone
Garnet is associated with the Root Chakra
The metaphysical properties associated with this stone symbolises passion, energy and vitality
It is believed to inspire love, devotion, and commitment

Garnets are found all over the world
There are many types of garnets and each type is found in different locations, but Pyrope can be found in South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, and Madagascar

Bought as a gift, or kept for yourself, this pendant makes a beautiful addition to your treasure chest of jewellery

Total Height 30mm
Width 19mm

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