ID Bracelet

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Sterling Silver

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This sterling silver ID bracelet with a Figaro chain is a classic and versatile piece of jewellery that combines style and functionality
This bracelet features Figaro design links with an identification plate in the middle
The Figaro design chain is made up out of a pattern of one rounded rectangular link which is known as the “long link” followed by a grouping of three smaller, rounded rectangular links uniform in size and referred to as the “short links”
This pattern repeats throughout the length of the bracelet
The centrepiece of the ID bracelet is the identification plate which is rectangular in this design
This ID plate provides a polished surface for engraving personal information such as a name, medical condition, or contact details
This feature not only adds a touch of personalization to the bracelet but also serves a practical purpose, especially in medical or emergency situations – it seamlessly combines style with utility
It is a popular choice for both men and women
The Figaro chain is known for its durability and resilience making it suitable for everyday wear
It can be worn on its own as a statement piece or layered with other bracelets for a more personalized and layered look
It complements both casual and formal attire, making it suitable for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events
Total Length 210mm
Width 5mm
Engravable Plate
Length 40mm
Width 5mm

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