Milky Moonstone Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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Introducing our exquisite Milky Moonstone sterling silver pendant—a timeless piece that captures the ethereal beauty of the moon in a stunning, milky-white gemstone
Set in a high-quality sterling silver casing, this pendant seamlessly combines elegance with mystique

Milky Moonstone, also known as white moonstone, is a variety of moonstone that is characterized by its milky or opaque appearance
Moonstone, in general, belongs to the feldspar group of minerals and is valued for its unique adularescence—a phenomenon where the stone exhibits a billowy play of light across its surface
While moonstone can be found in different regions, they are most often found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Burma, USA and Tanzania

This stone is associated with the Crown Chakra
Embrace the metaphysical properties associated with Milky Moonstone – enhanced intuition, emotional tranquillity, and a connection to feminine energies
Let the pendant serve as a reminder of the beauty found in balance and inner strength

Elevate your style and embrace the mystical allure of the moon with our Milky Moonstone sterling silver pendant—a piece that transcends trends and celebrates the timeless beauty of nature

Total Height 37mm
Width 20mm

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