Saint Christopher Pendant

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Sterling Silver

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This small sterling silver round Saint Christopher medal is a classic and iconic piece of religious jewellery that holds deep significance for many
This timeless pendant is a symbol of faith, protection, and guidance, and often gifted to a loved one for protection on their travels

Crafted from sterling silver, this pendant exhibits a lustrous shine and durability, making it the ideal choice for this fine religious piece

The medal is round in shape and features a finely detailed image of Saint Christopher
He is depicted as a strong figure carrying the Christ Child on his shoulders while crossing a river
This portrayal symbolizes Saint Christopher’s role as the patron saint of travellers and a protector during journeys
Saint Christopher is venerated as a protector of travellers, making this pendant a beloved accessory for those embarking on journeys
Wearing the small round Saint Christopher pendant is a personal expression of faith and a heartfelt plea for safe travels and guidance

It is a petite and discreet pendant, making it suitable for everyday wear
Its dimensions allow it to be worn with various outfits and styles, providing a subtle and meaningful addition to your attire

Whether worn for its religious significance or its timeless elegance, this pendant adds a touch of faith and protection to your personal style

Total height of the pendant – 19mm
Diameter – 12mm

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