Tourmaline Beaded Necklace

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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Introducing our exquisite fine Tourmaline Beaded Necklace, a mesmerizing piece that captures the kaleidoscopic beauty of this remarkable gemstone

Each bead, meticulously crafted from genuine tourmaline gemstones, showcases a spectrum of colours that dazzles the eye and enchants the soul
The vibrant hues of the tourmaline beads evoke a sense of joy and vitality, reminiscent of a vibrant tapestry woven from nature’s own palette
From delicate pinks to deep greens and electric blues, each bead tells a story of beauty and diversity, making this necklace a true work of art

Handcrafted with precision and care, each bead reveals the natural brilliance and character of genuine tourmaline

This necklace consists of small, faceted tourmaline beads or chips that are strung together on a fine and durable piece of silver thread
These beads may vary in size and shape, creating a delightful assortment of colours and patterns
The beads are carefully selected to complement each other in terms of their colours and patterns, creating a harmonious and visually appealing overall design

Embrace the endless possibilities of colour with our Beaded Necklace and let the kaleidoscope of tourmaline hues ignite your creativity and passion
Whether worn as a symbol of self-expression or simply as a reflection of your unique style, this necklace is sure to become a cherished companion on life’s journey

Experience the magic of tourmaline with our Beaded Necklace, a testament to the remarkable beauty and diversity of this esteemed gemstone
Revel in its radiant energy and let its vibrant colours inspire positivity and empowerment with every wear

The diameter of these stones – 2mm
The beads are strung on a silver thread and ended off with a sterling silver clasp and an adjustable length of loops
Total length of the chain is 44cm (adjustable to 41cm)

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