Turquoise Bracelet

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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This sterling silver bracelet consists of a delicate rolo chain with a single Turquoise gemstone at the centre
The rolo chain is made up of round shaped links that are closely connected to create a durable and visually pleasing chain
Turquoise is a striking gemstone known for its vivid and varying shades of blue and green
The colour of turquoise can range from light blue and greenish-blue to deep blue-green and it often exhibits a pleasing mixture of these colours
The stone is carefully set in a secure and stylish manner that allows it to capture and reflect light thus showcasing this stone’s natural beauty
Turquoise is associated with the throat and the third eye chakra
It is believed to help align and balance these energy centres, promoting communication and intuition
This stone is considered a stone of positive energy – helping to dispel negative thoughts and emotions while promoting a sense of optimism and joy as it wards off negative energy and influences
It is said to have soothing properties and may aid in relieving ailments such as headaches, migraines and respiratory issues while it also supports the immune system
Semi-Precious Stone – Turquoise
Diameter of Stone – ± 8mm
Length 204mm – slightly adjustable
Width 1mm

Please note – Stone Shape, Size and Colour might vary as this item is handmade

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