Return Policy

Thank you for your valued custom.

Listed below, are the terms of our Return Policy;  which is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

  1. Only items that are DEFECTIVE, due to an inherent manufacturing or quality-related defect, may be returned. In this regard it needs to be noted that “excessive usage” of an item by a Customer, does NOT constitute an inherent defect.
  2. Merchandise MUST be in its original packaging and MUST be in a PRISTINE and UNUSED condition. We do NOT SELL “used” or “2nd hand” goods and therefore will follow this policy strictly.
  3. Any items purchased on a “SALE or PROMOTION”, may not be returned.
  4. NO merchandise is to be returned without a valid till slip, showing the date of purchase and store where the goods were purchased.
  5. NO CASH/CREDIT CARD REFUNDS whatsoever are to be given. Credit vouchers/notes may be issued under certain circumstances, subject to the discretion of the Store Manager. Such Credit vouchers/notes may only be redeemed in the store that issued it in the first place and ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE between different stores.

The Consumer Protection Act provides all goods sold a six-month implied warranty of quality, meaning it can be returned for either a (1) Refund  OR  (2) Repair  OR  (3) Replacement in that time period. NB  -  This applies ONLY in the event where an item is DEFECTIVE and/or has broken due to an inherent defect.