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silver jewellery
Silver jewellery is one of the oldest and most popular fashion accessories. From classic sterling silver rings to modern-day statement pieces, there are endless design options to choose from – meaning there is something for everyone!

This metal has long been admired for its beauty and sparkle, but it also has the added benefit of being affordable and durable. Whether you are looking for a subtle bracelet or a bold necklace that stands out, sterling silver will complete any look.


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Our jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver! This ensures the high quality of each of our items and offers wearers hypoallergenic benefits.

A Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is created by combining pure silver with additional metal. This makes a stunning, less soft alloy that has a gorgeous, distinct lustre not found in any other material. Our range of sterling silver jewellery is suitable for every style, so you are sure to find the perfect piece to complete your look!

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“Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it complements what’s already there.”
– Diane Von Furstenberg

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dynamic layers

While less is more, sometimes more is just less boring. This does not mean that you should throw all caution to the wind in your jewellery styling, but it does open the door for a few more possibilities. Layering jewellery can create a remarkably cohesive aesthetic or fun contrast. For necklace layering, including chains of different lengths will be the best route for a visually appealing result. Rings, on the other hand, could use a balance of chunky and simple designs. Whichever you choose, your silver jewellery should not be hidden under clothing.

Pro tip: Remember your neckline when layering necklaces. Generally, you will want to choose a necklace that is either shorter than your neckline or way longer!


What is the

In the same way that we never decide on our outfit without considering the occasion, we should not decide on our jewellery without doing the same! While most individuals have already found a style they carry through to each look they create, others prefer following the jewellery basics: Consider the place, assess the spirit, and feel the mood.

Depending on your day-to-day requirements, your everyday jewellery will most likely be small and simple to suit your working environment. A night out, however, often consists of statement pieces and fun layers!

Select the
best of the best

Did you hear? Silver is the new black. As the super metal that goes with virtually everything, silver jewellery does not need much work to shine. The stunning contrast of black and silver alone is breathtaking and one we often take for granted. Other colours that pair well with sterling silver include dark and navy blues, light whites and creams, and even burgundy!


Assess your
focal point

Your silver jewellery should complement your outfit. Deciding the focal point of your look will determine where your jewellery choices will take you. A bold outfit typically results in simpler accessories, while a plain outfit will be up-styled with them.

For those aiming for their jewellery to be the shining focal point, the key for your pieces to do just that, is to stick to simple clothing patterns. By removing all possible distractions, you can ensure that your accessories remain in the spotlight.

Pro tip: Once you have made your choice, resist the temptation of wearing all your favourite pieces at once. Decide where you want people to look first and make your jewellery choices from there. For example, a bolder necklace will mean subtleness on your ears and wrists and vice versa.

Stray from the

While the latest fashion trends are usually a safe bet to follow for keeping your jewellery choices top-notch, it is sometimes safer to stray from them and choose your own path! Your jewellery should be a reflection of your taste and personality, which means you should find silver jewellery that suits your style accordingly.

The best way to store
silver jewellery


Silver jewellery is best kept in a felt-lined box, as felt assists in absorbing excess moisture to prevent premature tarnishing. Larger silver pieces should be stored separately from one another in their own dedicated pouches or polishing cloths to avoid air exposure.

However you choose to store your jewellery, remember: Out of sight, out of mind! You will have to make a point to wear your pieces if they are not out on display. They also require polishing at least twice a year to maintain their lustre.


Sterling silver jewellery is a timeless and stylish choice. Whether you are looking for classic or trendy, our range has many options available to suit your style. Simply Silver can add a touch of uniqueness to your collection, from earrings to necklaces and every accessory in between! Find a piece that will serve your style for years to come.