Amethyst Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Semi-Precious Stone

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Adorn yourself with elegance and spirituality with our sterling silver amethyst pendant, featuring a faceted oval Amethyst stone nestled in a sleek casing with a large bail. This eye-catching piece mesmerizes as the faceted stone reflects and refracts light, showcasing its regal purple hue.

Amethyst, revered for centuries for its luxurious purple tones and metaphysical properties, remains a coveted gemstone worldwide. From its symbolism of spiritual significance to its stunning color variations, ranging from pale lilac to deep purple with hints of red or blue under different lighting conditions, amethyst continues to enthrall gemstone enthusiasts.

Sourced from renowned locations like Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia, amethyst embodies a rich history and global appeal. Its association with the Third Eye Chakra makes it a cornerstone of crystal healing, fostering spiritual growth, enlightenment, and heightened consciousness.

Embrace the calming energy of amethyst, renowned for its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, and promote emotional equilibrium. Its protective qualities shield against negative energies and psychic intrusions while enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. Whether worn for its beauty or utilized for its energetic properties, our amethyst pendant is a timeless accessory that resonates with those seeking spiritual development and inner harmony. Elevate your style and soul with this exquisite piece, a symbol of grace and enlightenment.

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Total Height 27mm
Width 14mm

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm