Butterfly Studs

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Sterling Silver

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These sterling silver studs feature a cut out butterfly design
Butterfly studs are a popular jewellery choice that carries deep symbolism of transformation, renewal and rebirth
In many cultures the butterfly is seen as a representation of the human soul and is associated with positive change and growth
Because butterflies are known for their graceful and free-spirited flight they are also connected to the symbolism of freedom – both in a literal sense and in terms of personal liberation from constraints or limitations
These beautiful cut-out butterfly studs capture the beauty of these creatures in a wearable form thus allowing individuals to express their appreciation for nature’s elegance
In some spiritual beliefs butterflies are associated with the soul and are seen as messengers from the spiritual realm so wearing these can be a way for you to honour the memory of loved ones
Total Height 7mm
Width 10mm

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm