Celtic Triquetra Studs

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Sterling Silver

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These sterling silver studs feature a triquetra (also known as a trinity knot) design
The Triquetra has an iconic design that has truly stood the test of time
It features three pointed ovals; all interlaced with one another.
The central oval points up while the other two sit on either side of it pointing down and to the sides
It’s made from one continuous, ever-flowing line which represents eternity
It is used in various cultures and religions – including Celtic and Christian
It is often associated with concepts such as eternity, unity and the interconnectedness of three distinct elements
They are popular for their intricate design and symbolic significance
These earrings are often worn as a fashion statement or as a way to express one’s connection to the symbolism represented by the triquetra
It’s arguably one of the most popular Celtic symbols when it comes to tattoos and jewellery
Diameter – 11mm

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