Cowrie Set

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Sterling Silver

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This sterling silver pendant is in the shape of a cowrie shell
The Cowrie shell is a type of small, glossy shell that comes from various species of sea snails
Cowrie shells have a rich history and cultural significance, having been used in various ways across different societies for thousands of years
These shells have held symbolic importance in various cultures
They have been associated with fertility, prosperity, and protection in African, Asian, and Indigenous cultures
It is also believed by some to possess spiritual protective qualities
They may be worn as amulets or talismans to ward off negative energies and bring good fortune
Cowrie shells are not typically associated with specific chakras in the same way that gemstones or crystals are in certain metaphysical practices
However, in some spiritual traditions and divination practices, cowrie shells may be used more broadly for their symbolic and energetic qualities rather than their alignment with specific chakras
Worn as a spiritual piece or just for its beauty, this pendant will be an asset to your jewellery collection
Length 45cm
Width 1mm
Total Height 15mm
Width 6mm

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Weight 1 g
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