Cubic Zirconia Heart Key Pendant

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Sterling Silver

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Unlock the elegance of our sterling silver cubic zirconia heart key pendant.
This exquisite piece of jewellery marries classic design with a touch of romantic symbolism, creating a versatile and captivating accessory that you’ll adore

Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, this pendant exudes a brilliant sheen and showcases the durability that makes sterling silver a preferred choice for fine jewellery
The key’s silver frame beautifully complements the cubic zirconia accents
The pendant takes the form of a classic key with a heart-shaped detail at the top
The glistening cubic zirconia stones adds a touch of brilliance and romance to the design
The cubic zirconia stones provide a remarkable sparkle and mimic the brilliance of real diamonds
They add a touch of luxury to the pendant, enhancing its overall appeal

The key and heart combination symbolizes love, affection, and the unlocking of one’s heart
Wearing this pendant allows you to express your emotions, commemorate special moments, or simply celebrate the beauty of love

The key also symbolises the coming of age when someone turns 21 years old
In numerous cultures globally, reaching 21 symbolizes a profound transition into adulthood
This milestone signifies newfound rights, responsibilities, and societal recognition of maturity and perhaps a few freedoms
Celebrated through rituals and ceremonies, it marks a pivotal moment in personal and cultural narratives, signifying the onset of independence and self-discovery
It unlocks the bright future they have ahead of them

Whether worn for its elegance or its symbolism, this pendant adds a touch of love and luxury to your wardrobe

Total height of the pendant – 39mm
Total width – 11mm

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