Dream Catcher Earrings

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Sterling Silver

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These sterling silver earrings feature a dream catcher design dangling on a shepherds’ hook
Dream catcher earrings are a popular and meaningful accessory that holds deep symbolism in Native American culture
These earrings were designed to resemble the traditional dream catcher which consists of a willow hoop adorned with a woven net or web and this net/web is believed to have the power to filter out bad dreams and allow only good dreams to pass through to the dreamer
The web in this delicate earrings is decorated a single purple bead
Dream catcher earrings symbolize protection, positivity and spiritual connection
Often dream catchers also serve as a reminder of the importance of following your dreams and aspirations
In contemporary fashion, dream catcher earrings have become a popular choice for those seeking jewellery with both aesthetic appeal and symbolic meaning
Whether worn for personal significance or simply as a fashionable accessory, these earrings carry with them a rich cultural history and profound symbolism that resonates with many people
Total Height 47mm
Width 15mm

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