Druzy Quartz Pendant

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Sterling Silver
Semi-precious Stone

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Druzy quartz, often referred to simply as “druzy,” is a type of quartz crystal that is characterized by a layer of tiny crystals that form on the surface of a larger crystal

This natural work of art is set in a sterling silver casing and can be worn with a variety of sterling silver chains

Druzy quartz forms when tiny crystals, often minerals like quartz, calcite, or amethyst, grow on the surface of a larger crystal
These small crystals create a sparkling, glittering effect
It is known for its sparkling and glittering appearance, resembling the effect of tiny diamonds covering a surface
The colour of druzy can vary and is influenced by the types of minerals present in the crystals

Druzy quartz can be found in various locations around the world
Some notable sources include Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, India, and the USA

This stone is associated with the Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra
Drusy quartz is a splendid stone that possesses marvellous metaphysical powers
In metaphysical beliefs, Druzy Quartz is associated with promoting relaxation, stress relief, and the harmonizing of energy
It is thought to amplify the properties of the underlying crystal and promote emotional and spiritual well-being

Total Height 28mm
Width 17mm

*Naturally all stones vary slightly in design

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