Lime Agate Earrings

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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These earrings just make you happy!

Just look at the colour on these – these Lime Green agates are so bright and vibrant that they are a must have fashion piece for the summer months

Each colour of Agate may have its own unique symbolism and properties
In metaphysical and spiritual practices, the association of gemstones with specific chakras is often based on the colour and energy properties of the stone

Agate’s association with the Heart Chakra makes it a popular choice for individuals seeking to enhance their capacity for love, compassion, and empathy
Whether appreciated for its aesthetic beauty or its metaphysical properties, agate, including lime-coloured varieties, continues to be cherished as a stone of balance and harmony

This piece will make a great addition to your jewellery collection as it is set in sterling silver which will stand the test of time

Size of the stones – 8 x 8mm

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