Moonstone Necklace

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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This fine sterling silver chain with a Teardrop Moonstone pendant is a graceful and ethereal piece of jewellery that beautifully showcases the captivating and mystical allure of Moonstone

The chain is crafted from high-quality sterling silver, known for its durability, sheen, and ability to complement the beauty of the Moonstone pendant
Sterling silver’s neutral colour allows the Moonstone to take centre stage
The chain is a delicate and understated design, featuring small links
This minimalist style highlights the pendant’s elegance

The pendant is the centrepiece of the necklace, featuring a teardrop-shaped Moonstone that is faceted to capture and reflect light, enhancing its luminous beauty
Moonstone is known for its enchanting play of colours, often displaying a blue or rainbow-like shimmer known as adularescence

The Moonstone pendant is designed to appear as if it’s suspended or floating on the chain, creating an illusion of weightlessness
This design adds an element of uniqueness and modernity to the necklace
This type of necklace can be worn with various outfits and styles, from casual to formal
Its ethereal and delicate design adds an air of mystique to any look

Moonstone is often associated with feminine energy, intuition, and emotional balance
It is believed to symbolize transformation and new beginnings, making it a meaningful choice for personal jewellery

The total length of this chain is 47cm (includes the clasp)
Length of Stone – 18mm
Width of Stone – 14mm

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