Orange Calcite Pencil

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Orange calcite is a variety of calcite, a calcium carbonate mineral, that exhibits a vibrant orange colour due to the presence of iron impurities
It is known for its warm and uplifting energy, making it a popular choice for jewellery and crystal healing practices

In terms of metaphysical properties, orange calcite is associated with creativity, vitality, and emotional balance
It is believed to stimulate the sacral chakra, which is located in the lower abdomen and is associated with emotions, creativity, and pleasure
Wearing an orange calcite crystal pendant is said to promote feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration
It may help to enhance one’s creativity and passion for life, making it a useful tool for artists, writers, and anyone seeking to tap into their creative potential

Additionally, orange calcite is thought to encourage emotional healing and release negative emotions such as fear, stress, and depression
By working with the sacral chakra, it can help to restore balance and harmony to one’s emotional well-being

As with all crystals and gemstones, the metaphysical properties of orange calcite are based on belief systems and subjective experiences, and they have not been scientifically proven
However, many people find value in incorporating crystals into their spiritual and holistic practices for their symbolic meaning and energetic qualities

Total height of the crystal is 40mm
Total width is 10mm

*Please note that these stones are all natural stones, no two stones ever look alike
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