Pink Chalcedony Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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Have a look at our Pink Chalcedony pendant ? a radiant expression of elegance and femininity
This pendant features a captivating Pink Chalcedony gemstone, delicately set within a finely crafted sterling silver setting

At the heart of this pendant lies a stunning Pink Chalcedony gemstone, radiating a soft and soothing hue reminiscent of a gentle spring bloom
The pastel pink tones evoke a sense of warmth and romance, making this pendant a perfect accessory for adding a touch of grace to any outfit

Pink Chalcedony is a variety of Chalcedony, which is a form of microcrystalline quartz
Chalcedony is known for its fine texture and waxy lustre
Pink Chalcedony is associated with qualities of love, compassion, and emotional healing
It is believed to have a calming effect, promoting feelings of kindness and understanding
Some practitioners of crystal healing use Pink Chalcedony to balance and open the heart chakra

Chalcedony, including the pink variety, can be found in various locations around the world
Pink Chalcedony deposits are often discovered in Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, and the United States

This stone is often associated with qualities of love, compassion, and emotional balance
Wearing this pendant is not just a fashion statement but also a symbol of tenderness and a connection to the heart

Indulge in the beauty of our Pink Chalcedony pendant ? a piece that captures the essence of soft elegance and adds a touch of romance to your everyday style
Elevate your jewellery collection with this exquisite pendant, a celebration of the delicate charm of Pink Chalcedony and the enduring allure of sterling silver craftsmanship

Total Height 39mm
Width 15mm

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