Red Brecciated Jasper Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Semi-precious Stone

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What a beautiful pop of colour!
This Red Brecciated Jasper stone with its vibrant colour is a definite conversation piece
This specific type of Jasper is known for its rich red colour and unique patterns
Brecciated jasper is characterized by its broken or fragmented appearance
The patterns can resemble a mosaic of various red tones

Jasper, in general, is a widespread gemstone with deposits in different countries such as South Africa, Australia, USA, India, Madagascar and Russia

This stone is primarily associated with the Root Chakra
Red Brecciated Jasper is believed to have grounding and stabilizing properties
It is associated with promoting a sense of security and stability in one’s life
The rich red colour of this jasper is thought to be energizing and stimulating
It may help enhance motivation, vitality, and physical strength

Gifted to a loved one, or kept for yourself, this beauty will be a great addition to your jewellery collection

Total Height 47mm
Width 25mm

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm