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Sterling Silver

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This resin cameo pendant, nestled within a sterling silver casing, harmoniously blends two distinct materials and craftsmanship to craft a singularly unique and visually captivating piece of jewelry.

Resin, a versatile synthetic material, finds widespread use in the realm of jewelry making. In the context of this pendant, resin is meticulously molded and sculpted to mimic the intricate detailing and traditional aesthetics of carved cameos, typically crafted from materials such as shell, stone, or glass. Cameos, renowned for their raised relief images, often depict portraits, figures, or scenes, each narrating its own story with finesse and artistry.

The featured cameo on this pendant, portraying the iconic figure of Mary Magdalene, adds profound symbolism and historical significance to the piece. Mary Magdalene, a pivotal figure in biblical and religious narratives, symbolizes devotion, spirituality, and unwavering faith, serving as a timeless emblem of divine grace and feminine strength.

Set within a sterling silver casing, this pendant not only exudes timeless elegance but also ensures durability and longevity. Sterling silver, renowned for its lustrous allure and enduring quality, elevates the aesthetic appeal of the pendant, imparting a touch of sophistication and refinement to its overall design.

Whether worn as a personal adornment or cherished as a meaningful keepsake, this resin cameo pendant serves as a testament to the artistry of its creators and the enduring allure of timeless craftsmanship. Embrace the beauty and significance of this exquisite piece, as it becomes a cherished symbol of faith, devotion, and enduring grace in your collection of fine jewelry.

Total Height 32mm
Width 19mm

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