Spinel Beaded Silk Bracelet

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Semi-Precious Stones

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How cute is this Spinel beaded silk bracelet?

This bracelet with its black spinel beads strung delicately on a silk cord can be fastened by simply pulling on its ends resulting in either a snug fit or a slightly looser one if you prefer

It is a crystal for manifestation as well as inspiration
Black Spinel encourages you to rise above your comfort and become the best version of yourself that you can
It can unlock boundless possibilities, pushing you to achieve your dreams and go beyond what you think is possible for your life

Healers often utilize the properties of Black Spinel to wipe away the negativity that clouds your judgment
It is most commonly used as a root chakra stone
Spinel doesn’t discriminate and will gladly inspire you regardless of when you were born; however, experienced practitioners say that the Taurus zodiac sign has a stronger connection to Black Spinel than others

This black coloured stone is a fantastic choice for creativity, inspiring you to get out of ruts no matter how endless they might seem
Its meaning is about finding new directions and discovering ways to lead a fulfilling life
This stone is about helping you manifest your destiny

Different cultures interpreted Black Spinel’s healing properties differently throughout history
But the modern consensus is that this black crystal works to keep you grounded while encouraging you to achieve your dreams by creative and inspirational means

The silk cord wraps around the wrist and the loosening or tightening of the cords can be easily adjusted to find the perfect fit for you

So spoil yourself or your loved one with a gorgeous spinel beaded silk bracelet

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