White Howlite Pencil

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Sterling Silver

Semi-Precious Stone

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Resembling the appearance of marble, White howlite is a borate mineral that is often used in jewellery making and ornamental objects due to its striking appearance and affordability

In terms of metaphysical properties, white howlite is believed to have calming and stress-relieving properties
It is said to help with insomnia, especially when placed under the pillow during sleep
Additionally, it is thought to promote patience, self-awareness, and emotional expression

White howlite’s calming and stress-relieving properties are said to be beneficial for balancing and opening the crown chakra, allowing for a clearer connection to higher consciousness and spiritual wisdom
By promoting mental clarity and emotional balance, white howlite is thought to facilitate a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe

Wear this crystal pendant as a representation of your spiritual awareness

Total height of the crystal is 41mm
Total width is 10mm

*Please note that these stones are all natural stones, no two stones ever look alike
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