21 in Heart Set

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Sterling Silver

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The sterling silver heart shaped pendant has the number 21 inside the heart
The number “21” is often associated with coming of age and reaching a significant milestone in one’s life
In many cultures, turning 21 marks the transition into adulthood and is celebrated as a momentous occasion symbolizing newfound freedom, independence and responsibility
The heart pendant with “21” inside serve as a commemoration of this important milestone, representing the wearer’s journey into adulthood and the beginning of a new chapter in their life
Beyond its numerical significance the heart serves as a reminder of the love and support of family and friends who have played a role in marking this milestone occasion
As the wearer embarks on the next phase of their life, the pendant serves as a talisman of encouragement, reminding them to follow their heart, pursue their dreams, and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead
Overall this pendant is a meaningful and sentimental piece of jewellery that encapsulates the wearer’s personal journey, milestones and aspirations
Whether worn as a daily accessory or kept as a cherished keepsake, it serves as a symbol of love, celebration and the promise of new beginnings
Length 45cm
Width 1mm
Total Height 18mm
Width 12mm

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm