Sand Dollar Set

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Sterling Silver

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This sterling silver pendant features a sand dollar design with its intricate pattern
This sand dollars design is based on the marine animals related to sea urchins and starfish and their symbolism have been used in various cultures and traditions
They carry symbolic meanings related to peace, strength and the interconnectedness of life
For many Christians these beautiful shells carry a symbolic representation of the life of Jesus Christ, sometimes referred to as “The Legend of the Sand Dollar”
Since sand dollar exoskeletons look like large coins they also symbolize abundance – so they make excellent gifts when you want to wish someone luck and prosperity
Some legends say that they represent coins from the lost city of Atlantis or even from mermaids under the sea
The pendant is accompanied by a curb chain
The links in this sterling silver curb chain are flat and rectangular with a slight curve to them
The links are arranged in a continuous pattern with each similar sized link lying flat against the next thus creating a symmetrical and cohesive look
It is a classical and plain chain design that enhanced the overall look of the pendant rather than distracting from it
Length of Chain 45cm
The width of the Chain is 1mm
Total Height 15mm
Width 9mm

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm