Evil Eye Studs

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Sterling Silver

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These gorgeous round blue enamel evil eye studs offer a captivating blend of aesthetic appeal and symbolic significance
These earrings feature small round studs adorned with blue enamel, with the iconic evil eye symbol depicted in the center

The evil eye symbol is prevalent in various cultures and is believed to offer protection against malevolent energy or envious glances
It is thought to ward off negativity and bring good luck to the wearer
In many traditions, the blue colour of the evil eye represents the sky or the sea and is believed to have protective qualities

The use of enamel in these earrings adds a vibrant pop of colour and depth to the design, enhancing the visual appeal of the evil eye symbol
Enamel is a durable material that allows for intricate detailing and vibrant hues, making it well-suited for jewellery design

The round shape of the studs adds a sense of symmetry and balance to the design, further emphasizing the protective qualities of the evil eye symbol
These earrings are small and understated, making them versatile accessories that can be worn daily as a subtle yet meaningful accent to any outfit

Beyond their symbolic significance, evil eye studs are also valued for their aesthetic appeal and versatility
Whether worn alone for a minimalist look or paired with other earrings for a layered effect, they add a touch of charm and personality to any ensemble

Overall, these earrings serve as stylish accessories with a deeper meaning, offering both aesthetic beauty and symbolic protection to the wearer
Whether chosen for their cultural significance or simply for their striking design, round blue enamel evil eye studs are a meaningful addition to any jewellery collection

Diameter of the studs – 8mm

*Please note, as these are all handmade, some designs might vary slightly from the pictures and might not match 100% with it’s partner

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