Freshwater Pearl with Cubic Zirconia Set

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Sterling Silver

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Introducing our Freshwater Pearl with Cubic Zirconia Set!

The solitaire freshwater pearl set in a cubic zirconia frame pendant epitomizes sterling silver jewelry’s exquisite craftsmanship and timeless allure. This pendant, a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, features a single, lustrous freshwater pearl as its centrepiece. Moreover, pearls symbolize purity, innocence, and enduring beauty. Carefully selected for its round or near-round shape, smooth surface, and iridescent sheen, the pearl adds a touch of refinement and luxury to the design.

Surrounding the freshwater pearl is a delicate frame crafted from sparkling cubic zirconia stones.  Because these stones are meticulously cut and faceted it maximizes their brilliance. In so creating a dazzling halo effect that enhances the pearl’s beauty. The cubic zirconia stones, with their precision and fire, elevate the pendant to a new level of radiance and elegance.

The freshwater pearl embodies profound symbolism, representing purity, innocence, and new beginnings. Its pristine surface and gentle lustre evoke serenity and tranquillity, making it a symbol of purity of heart and mind. Despite its delicate appearance, the pearl is a testament to resilience and strength, formed naturally within the protective shell of an oyster in response to irritants, transforming over time into a radiant gem.

This pendant seamlessly transitions from everyday wear to elegant evenings out, offering versatility and sophistication in every setting. Whether worn casually or as a statement piece, it exudes timeless beauty and significance. The pearl’s symbolic resonance extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, serving as a poignant reminder of the beauty and strength that can emerge from adversity.

Embrace the elegance and symbolism of the solitaire freshwater pearl pendant, a testament to craftsmanship, resilience, and enduring beauty.

This set includes the pendant and a curb chain:
The links in this sterling silver curb chain are flat and rectangular with a slight curve to them. The links form a continuous pattern, with each similarly sized link lying flat against the next, creating a symmetrical and cohesive look. It is a classical and plain chain design that enhances the overall look of the pendant rather than distracting from it.

Chain: Length 45cm & Width 1mm
Pendant: Total Height 15mm & Width/Diameter 10mm

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