Knot Studs

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Sterling Silver

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Unlock timeless elegance with our sterling silver knot stud earrings!

These chic and versatile accessories are more than just jewellery – they’re symbols of love, unity, and strength

Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, each intricate knot design captures the essence of enduring connections and unwavering resilience
Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply embracing life’s journey, these knot studs are the perfect everyday reminder of the ties that bind us

Elevate your style with a touch of sophistication and meaning
Wear them solo or mix and match with other earrings for a look that’s uniquely you

With our sterling silver knot studs, you’re always tied to timeless elegance

Diameter of the knot – 5mm

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm